Alan Bailward – Life Info

  • Support Manager at Turnium Technology Group

    In late 2020 I became the support manager at Turnium Technology Group. My responsibilities were split between managing the support department assisting our wholesale clients and providing direct tier 2 support to our retail clients.

  • Manager, Security & Infrastructure at Left Technologies

    As of 2020, I’ve been employed at Left Technologies for 9 years and am now the Manager of Security and Infrastructure. My responsibilities currently include: The organization has evolved from a startup to a grown up company, while retaining the startup feel. I work with an amazing group of people who are honestly passionate in […]

  • Lead Web Developer At Left Of The Dot

    April 2011 I took employment with a startup company called Left of the Dot as a web developer and sysadmin.  As a small startup they were requiring someone who not only was able to deal with the fast paced life of a developer, but also maintain and build the networking and technology infrastructure of a growing […]

  • A Return To Programming and Management

    In July of 2009 I became employed by airG Mobile, a leader in cell phone based social networking.  I was employed to be a “Launch Manager” and developer.  I started concentrating on Launch Management, which really means coordinating a bunch of teams to get everything ready for a weekly code launch to the servers, followed […]

  • The OS Development Era

    I was extremely challenged by the work at Layer 7 Technologies as their OS Developer.  I bridged the Developers and QA techs in defining and maintaining the server based embedded networking appliance operating system.  My biggest accomplishment was to drastically decrease the build time for building system images.  I took a “by-hand”, very prone to […]

  • The Sysadmin Era

    I had always wanted to work as a sysadmin, and know the joy of having tens or hundreds of computers at my beckon call to bend to my will.  Eventually I got my wish.  I was hired on to a small ISP and Manged Service provider which was bought about a year later by Uniserve […]

  • The Web Developer Era

    After the dot com bust I got into the web application development world.  This involved my own contracting company working in tandem with web developers.  “They make it pretty, I make it work” was how I described what I did.  I worked on everything from a web based insurance underwriting system to educational website games […]

  • The Dot Com Era

    Time moved along and the dot com era happened, Netmaster was renamed to Merilus, and I took position as Senior Developer.  Merilus were the creators of (among other things) the FireCard, the first PC on a PCI card.  The embedded nature of the Firecard required me to take position as the lead C programmer.  In […]

  • The Programmer Era

    I think almost everyone in the technology industry of a certain age has a dot com story.  Mine starts with a little company called Netmaster Networking.  I was employed as a junior programmer creating perl code for the system and the web based administration for the NICS system, a firewall and network router system.  This […]

  • The Tech Support Era

    My foray into the technical work world was a four year tenure as technical support and system administration for the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board.  In this time I was responsible for helping transition to a new and more modern dial up system as technical support.  This involved a lot of user education, patience, and […]