A Return To Programming and Management

In July of 2009 I became employed by airG Mobile, a leader in cell phone based social networking.  I was employed to be a “Launch Manager” and developer.  I started concentrating on Launch Management, which really means coordinating a bunch of teams to get everything ready for a weekly code launch to the servers, followed by restarting the server farm.  Not a big deal you might think, but if (and when) things go wrong, they knew they needed someone with some sysadmin as well as programmer skills.

I’ve since trained a team of 5 other people to be Launch Managers and have them rotating week by week, so I can concentrate on doing development work.  At airG I work in the Integrations department, configuring our software for various client projects, working within our home built Perl framework and configuration tools.  I’ve also had work with the symfony PHP framework and a wide variety of “sysadmin” like work involved in the day to day running of the Integrations team.