The Web Developer Era

After the dot com bust I got into the web application development world.  This involved my own contracting company working in tandem with web developers.  “They make it pretty, I make it work” was how I described what I did.  I worked on everything from a web based insurance underwriting system to educational website games and utilities to fully functional Content Management Systems.  These systems were designed under the LAMP stack with pure mod_perl, EmbPerl, HTML::Mason and a variety of other Perl based systems. Other projects include

  • A generic and full featured CMS written to be re-used and customized.  It also includes a contact management system, mailing list engine, and templating language.
  • A real estate system allowing propery uploading via secure login and searching and display to the public.  This also had many of the contact and mailing list features.
  • A website builder called Rubber Toaster, which is basically a one-step-removed Content Management Sytem.  It allows users to create content for websites, apply the skin (this is the “make it pretty” part), design the pages, images, and web galleries, and then download it for use.  It was also a full e-commerce system, allowing purchase online by credit card.