The Dot Com Era

Time moved along and the dot com era happened, Netmaster was renamed to Merilus, and I took position as Senior Developer.  Merilus were the creators of (among other things) the FireCard, the first PC on a PCI card.  The embedded nature of the Firecard required me to take position as the lead C programmer.  In this position I created many of the utilities that were used for system monitoring and data transfer between the Java based client and the card.  I also led a small team of programmers with skills in Java, Perl and C.

The nature of the programming with that was done involved a lot of fast moving, agile team work.  I worked closely with the front end Java team and architected many high performance utilities.  Amongst my programming accomplishments are

  • An encrypted data transfer system for client/server communications
  • A unique DHCP-like system that allowed the Java client to find the headless Firecard on the local network with a variety of failovers to ensure that the system would never be “lost” on the network.